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Does a Mac need maintenance ? A valid remark considering MAC’s are less affected by system failures to windows systems. This latest update of CleanMyMac3 is renamed to CleanMyMac X.

However an average Mac user, changing to latest software versions, doing lots of trials and uses his mac daily, will after some time accumulate leftovers, huge amounts of not used data in caches and in the apps of the OSX-system. This is where this software package CleanMyMac X, is the best option for optimizing your system and keeps your mac running smoothly.

The interface is stunningly good and well designed.
The updated Menu bar widget is one of my most preferred changes in CleanMyMac X. CleanMyMac Menu now shows a lots of useful information about your system.

Key chain
You can free up memory, remove trash, and run a speed test on your network, all straight from the Menu bar widget.

These are the major features and upgrades of CleanMyMac X:

Smart Scan: The all-in-one center for analysis and optimization of your Mac. Now it includes Cleanup, Protection, and Speed scanners, all launched with a single click.
CleanMyMac Assistant: An intelligent adviser that provides useful explanations, suggests further optimization steps and reminds about regular cleanups.
Malware Removal: Your Mac’s guard, checking yoursystem for vulnerabilities and removing malicious files.Includes a dedicated vulnerability database updater.
Optimization: A module that lets you manage login items, launch agents, hung and resource-consuming apps to increase system responsiveness.
Updater: A tool that delivers the latest available versions for your installed apps. Now you have all updates in one place.
Reinvented Menu: The Menu bar widget has a whole new look with more information available, shows the most resource-consuming applications, and provides useful instant features.
Better algorithms for scanning for junk – MacPaw’s team created a better algorithm for scanning for junk.
Faster scan – CleanMyMac X has an improved scan time of up to three times faster.
Leading-edge design: A new progressive look of the beautiful Mac cleaner.

CleanMyMac X is a really great update over the earlier version. It looks great and the clean interface makes it an easy to use tool for everyone. It does free up memory for you from the menu widget and has many of great features helping you all the way to keep your mac clean and fast. I am impressed with this update and recommend it to any serious Mac User.



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