Ultimate MAC Cleaner: CleanMyMac3

If you own a MAC you certainly know that if you want that it performs best it needs to be cleaned regularly from spyware programs that installs often when you install some freeware application on your MAC or it is cluttered with useless files from software uninstalls that where not deleted by the original uninstaller program.

And certainly you will have after some time some system junk files accumulated that will use space on your hard drive.You have plenty of privacy information that some programs automatically store on your MAC and are available to some websites that will harvest exactly those information’s when you access their websites.

The result is that your Computer does perform poorly sometimes it delivers only 40% of its original performance and speed.

There are tree options to eliminate these problems on your Computer

Option 1:

You bring it to a MAC repair store and have it cleaned by a service technician so it will perform like new and you will be happy for a certain time and then you have to bring it back to clean it again.

How they clean your MAC ? They install some  powerful software and clean it with those applications and uninstall it after the machine is cleaned.

Option 2:

You find by yourself some FREE cleaning software for your MAC and risk to infect your computer even more and slow down it further.

Option 3:

You may buy and install a professional software that will do the same thing. Except you pay only once and probably much less.

You can clean your MAC when ever you want or feel it is loosing some performance or it starts to fill up your hard-drive. Or you find your internet is slowing down  eg. pages do not load as fast as they should.

We have tried several professional MAC-cleaning software and came to the conclusion that the easiest and most powerful software is CleanMyMac 3 software from Macpaw.

It is easy to use and it is very lightweight for the system this means you will not even notice that the program is working in the background. As many programs do slow down your computer when they are activated CleanMyMac 3 does not do this at all and that’s one of the main reason that we choose this cleaning software for our computers the same program is also available for PC users it is called CleanMyPC.

Below are some screenshots from the program


CleanMyMac-17The best of all you can even try it out for FREE and decide by your self after you use it to purchase this powerful MAC Cleaning Software. Click here or visit their website.



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