The step-by-step system swiped directly from the NAVY Seal Playbooks to guide you Through almost any dangerous situation you may face in the upcoming crisis.

And just know this… the moment I get this course in your hands, you will have every advantage I do. Nothing is left out.

It will ensure you never reach a life and death situation… but will also show you exactly what to do if you do.

And you can go through this course with total confidence, everything in it has been field tested by someone who’s actually done it.

Here’s a tiny taste of what’s included…

  • What’s the first thing you MUST do when the crisis hits to ensure your family’s safety (You NEED this in order to survive!)
  • Why a bunker built to keep you safe can become a death trap and the alternative that’s infinitely better and  CHEAPER!
  • The one TACTIC Navy Seals use for defending a secure location and how to apply that and use it for your home.
  • What’s the best place to hide your guns in a crisis (You’ll never guess this!).
  • How to communicate safely with your family even if the grid is down or they live hundreds of miles away.
  • What you should never eat in a crisis that can cause you s

    erious problems. Ignore this and your survival plan is doomed.

  • The most important 3 steps you MUST take to keep looters away from your house even if you don’t have a gun or know how to defend yourself.
  • One military tactic even an elderly person could use to take down a 250 pound thug (Only a few people know about this).

  • How to get an almost unlimited FREE FOOD supply, so you can feed your family for YEARS… no matter who long the crisis will last.
  • There is so much more I can’t begin to cover it all.

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